WLAN configuration

Gluon allows to configure 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios independently. The configuration may include one or both of the two networks “client” (AP mode) and “mesh” (802.11s mode), which can be used simultaneously. See Site configuration for details on the configuration.

Upgrade behaviour

For each of these networks, the site configuration may define a disabled flag (by default, all configured networks are enabled). This flag is merely a default setting, on upgrades the existing setting is always retained (as this setting may have been changed by the user). This means that it is not possible to enable or disable an existing network configurations during upgrades.

During upgrades the wifi channel of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio will be restored to the channel configured in the site.conf. The channel width will be reset to Gluon’s default. If you need to preserve these settings during upgrades you can configure this via the uci section gluon-core.wireless:

uci set gluon.wireless.preserve_channels='1'

When channels should be preserved, toggling the outdoor mode will have no effect on the channel settings. Therefore, the Outdoor mode settings won’t be displayed in config mode. Keep in mind that nodes running wifi interfaces on custom channels can’t mesh with default nodes anymore!