Config Mode

When in Config Mode a node will neither participate in the mesh nor connect to the VPN using the WAN port. Instead, it’ll offer a web interface on the LAN port to aid configuration of the node.

Whether a node is in Config Mode can be determined by a characteristic blinking sequence of the SYS LED:


Activating Config Mode

Config Mode is automatically entered at the first boot. You can re-enter Config Mode by pressing and holding the RESET/WPS/DECT button for about three seconds. The device should reboot (all LEDs will turn off briefly) and Config Mode will be available.

If you have access to the console of the node, there is the gluon-enter-setup-mode command, which reboots a node into Config Mode.

Port Configuration

In general, Config Mode will be offered on the LAN ports. However, there are two practical exceptions:

  • Devices with just one network port will run Config Mode on that port.

  • Devices with PoE on the WAN port will run Config Mode on the WAN port instead.

Accessing Config Mode

Config Mode can be accessed at The node will offer DHCP to clients. Should this fail, you may assign an IP from to your computer manually.