The gluon-ebtables-limit-arp package adds filters to limit the amount of ARP requests client devices are allowed to send into the mesh.

The limits per client device, identified by its MAC address, are 6 packets per minute and 1 per second per node in total. A burst of up to 50 ARP requests is allowed until the rate-limiting takes effect (see --limit-burst in ebtables(8)).

Furthermore, ARP requests for a target IP already present in the batman-adv DAT cache are excluded from rate-limiting, in regard to both counting and filtering, as batman-adv will be able to respond locally without a burden for the mesh. Therefore, this limiter should not affect popular target IP addresses, like those of gateways or nameservers.

However it mitigates the impact on the mesh when a larger range of its IPv4 subnet is being scanned, which would otherwise result in a significant amount of ARP chatter, even for unused IP addresses.

This package is installed by default if the selected routing feature is mesh-batman-adv-15. It can be unselected via:

packages {