This package allows to switch a routers domain at a given point in time. This is needed for switching between incompatible transport protocols (e.g. wired meshing with and without VXLAN).

Nodes will switch when the defined switch-time has passed. In case the node was powered off while this was supposed to happen, it might not be able to acquire the correct time. In this case, the node will switch after it has not seen any gateway for a given period of time.


All those settings have to be defined exclusively in the domain, not the site.

domain_switchoptional (needed for domains to switch)
target_domain :
  • target domain to switch to

switch_after_offline_mins :
  • amount of time without reachable gateway to switch unconditionally

switch_time :
  • UNIX epoch after which domain will be switched

connection_check_targets :
  • array of IPv6 addresses which are probed to determine if the node is connected to the mesh


domain_switch = {
  target_domain = 'new_domain',
  switch_after_offline_mins = 120,
  switch_time = 1546344000, -- 01.01.2019 - 12:00 UTC
  connection_check_targets = {