For the build reserve 6GB of disk space. The building requires packages for subversion, ncurses headers (libncurses-dev) and zlib headers (libz-dev).

Building Gluon

To build Gluon, after checking out the repository change to the source root directory to perform the following commands:

git clone git:// site # Get the Freifunk Lübeck site repository - or use your own!
make update                                                  # Get other repositories used by Gluon
make                                                         # Build Gluon

When calling make, the OpenWRT build environment is prepared and updated. To rebuild the images only, just use:

make images

The built images can be found in the directory images.

Cleaning up

There are three levels of make clean:

make clean

will only clean the Gluon-specific files;

make cleanall

will also call make clean on the OpenWRT tree, and

make dirclean

will do all this, and call make dirclean on the OpenWRT tree.

Environment variables

Gluon’s build process can be controlled by various environment variables.

Path to the site configuration. Defaults to site/.
Path where images will be stored. Defaults to images/.
Working directory during build. Defaults to build/.