x86 support

Gluon can run on normal x86 systems, for example virtual machines and VPN boxes. By default, there is no WLAN support on x86 though.


The following targets for x86 images exist:


Generic x86 support with many different ethernet drivers; should run on most x86 systems.

There are three images:

  • generic (compressed “raw” image, can written to a disk directly or booted with qemu)
  • virtualbox (VDI image)
  • vmware (VMDK image)

These images only differ in the image file format, the content is the same. Therefore there is only a single x86-generic sysupgrade image instead of three.

Please note that the x86-generic image doesn’t include VirtIO support, so another virtual NIC like pcnet32 must be chosen when using VirtualBox.

The x86-kvm image uses VirtIO as its harddisk and network driver.
The x86-xen_domu target contains the necessary drivers for use in Xen.
64bit version of x86-generic. Also has VirtIO support, so there’s no need for an x86-64-kvm target.