Private WLANΒΆ

It is possible to set up a private WLAN that bridges the WAN port and is seperated from the mesh network. Please note that you should not enable mesh_on_wan simultaneously.

The private WLAN can be enabled through the config mode if the package gluon-web-private-wifi is installed. You may also enable a private WLAN using the command line:


uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID=wifi-iface
uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID.device=radio$RID
uci set wireless.wan_radio$
uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID.mode=ap
uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID.encryption=psk2
uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID.ssid="$SSID"
uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID.key="$KEY"
uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID.disabled=0
uci set wireless.wan_radio$RID.macaddr="$($(echo "lua -e print(require('gluon.util').generate_mac(3+4*$RID))"))"
uci commit

Please replace $SSID by the name of the WLAN and $KEY by your passphrase (8-63 characters). If you have two radios (e.g. 2.4 and 5 GHz) you need to do this for radio0 and radio1.

It may also be disabled by running:

uci set wireless.wan_radio0.disabled=1
uci commit