The library allows convenient access to the site configuration from Lua scripts. Example:

local site = require ''

The site object in this example does not directly represent the site.conf data structure; instead, it is wrapped in a way that makes it more convenient to access deeply nested elements. To access the underlying values, they must be unwrapped using the function call notation (the () after site.wifi24.ap.ssid in the example).

The wrapper objects have two advantages over simple Lua tables:

  • Accessing non-existing values is never an error: site.wifi24.ap.ssid() will simply return nil if site.wifi24 or site.wifi24.ap do not exist

  • Default values: A default value can be passed to the unwrapping function call:


    will return ‘Default’ instead of nil when the value is unset.

    Note that nil values and unset values are equivalent in Lua.

A simple way to access the whole site configuration as a simple table is to unwrap the top-level site object:

local site_table = site()