Gluon 2023.1.2

Minor changes

  • Update latest OpenWRT 22.03 version and the corresponding modules

  • Always prefer Gluon feeds over upstream feeds while building (#3026)


  • Fixed Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 naming (#3099)

  • Fixed inconsistent usage of env variable BROKEN (#3103)

  • Fixed gluon-reconfigure failures when no interface role was selected for an interface (#3095)

  • Fixed unexpected WiFi shutdowns on TP-Link Archer C7 (#3049)

  • Fixed unintentional CPU downclocks of ipq40xx devices (#3049)

  • Fixed bandwidth downstream (ingress) limit (#3017)

  • Fixed occasional reboot issues on some TP-Link WDR3600 and WDR4300 devices (Upstream) (#2904)

Known issues

  • The integration of the BATMAN_V routing algorithm is incomplete.

    • Mesh neighbors don’t appear on the status page. (#1726) Many tools have the BATMAN_IV metric hardcoded, these need to be updated to account for the new throughput metric.

    • Throughput values are not correctly acquired for different interface types. (#1728) This affects virtual interface types like bridges and VXLAN.

  • Default TX power on many Ubiquiti devices is too high, correct offsets are unknown (#94)

    Reducing the TX power in the Advanced Settings is recommended.

  • In configurations without VXLAN, the MAC address of the WAN interface is modified even when Mesh-on-WAN is disabled (#496)

    This may lead to issues in environments where a fixed MAC address is expected (like VMware when promiscuous mode is disallowed).

  • EFI only systems won’t boot due to removed EFI support (introduced in v2023.1). This was necessary to work around a bug that causes a config loss during direct upgrades from v2021.1.x to v2023.1.x with the x86-64, x86-generic and x86-legacy targets (#2967).

    Gluon v2023.2 reintroduced EFI support.