DNS forwarderΒΆ

A Gluon node can be configured to act as a DNS forwarder. Requests for the next-node hostname can be answered locally, without querying the upstream resolver.

Note: While this reduces answer time and allows to use the next-node hostname without upstream connectivity, this feature should not be used for next-node hostnames that are FQDN when the zone uses DNSSEC.

One or more upstream resolvers can be configured in the dns.servers setting. When next_node.name is set, A and/or AAAA records for the next-node IP addresses are placed in the dnsmasq configuration.

dns = {
  servers = { '2001:db8::1', },

next_node = {
  name = 'nextnode',
  ip6 = '2001:db8:8::1',
  ip4 = '',