It is possible to define a set of roles you want to distinguish at backend side. One node can own one role which it will announce via respondd/announced inside the mesh. This will make it easier to differentiate nodes when parsing respondd data. E.g to count only normal nodes and not the gateways or servers (nodemap). A lot of things are possible.

For this the section roles in site.conf is needed:

roles = {
  default = 'node',
  list = {

The strings to display in the web interface are configured per language in the i18n/en.po, i18n/de.po, etc. files of the site repository using message IDs like gluon-web-node-role:role:node and gluon-web-node-role:role:backbone.

The value of default is the role every node will initially own. This value should be part of list as well. If you want node owners to change the defined roles via config-mode you can add the package gluon-web-node-role to your

The role is saved in gluon-node-info.system.role. To change the role using command line do:

uci set gluon-node-info.@system[0].role="$ROLE"
uci commit

Please replace $ROLE by the role you want the node to own.