The gluon-logging package allows to configure a remote syslog server that will receive the systems log output that is also visible when calling logread from a terminal.

It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints over UDP and TCP.

Note: The syslog mechanism is incapable of providing a complete log as network access is required to send out log messages and logd does not buffer and resend older log messages even though they might be available in logread.

This package conflicts with gluon-web-logging as it will overwrite the user-given syslog server on every upgrade.


  • Destination address of the remote syslog server

  • Destination port of the remote syslog server

  • Defaults to 514

  • Protocol to transport syslog frames in, can be either tcp or udp

  • Defaults to UDP


syslog = {
  ip = "2001:db8::1",
  port = 514,
  proto = "udp",