Gluon 2016.1.2

Added hardware support

The x86-generic images now contain the ATIIXP PATA driver, adding support for FUTRO Thin Clients.


A nondeterministic boot hang (#669) has been fixed. The TL-WR841N v5 seems to be affected in particular, but the kernel bug is not hardware-specific per se.

Known Issues

  • Default TX power on many Ubiquiti devices is too high, correct offsets are unknown (#94)

    Reducing the TX power in the Expert Mode is recommended.

  • The MAC address of the WAN interface is modified even when Mesh-on-WAN is disabled (#496)

    This may lead to issues in environments where a fixed MAC address is expected (like VMware when promiscuous mode is disallowed).

  • Inconsistent respondd API (#522)

    The current API is inconsistent and will be replaced eventually. The old API will still be supported for a while.