Gluon 2015.1.1

Added hardware support


  • TP-Link

    • TL-WA830RE (v1)

New features

The x86-generic and x86-kvm_guest images now support two ethernet interfaces by default. If two interfaces exist during the first boot, eth0 will be used as LAN and eth1 as WAN.


  • Fix German “Expert Mode” label (was “Export Mode”)

  • Fix download of OpenSSL during build (because of broken OpenSSL download servers…)

  • Fix ABI break causing kernel panics when trying to use network-related modules from the official OpenWrt repository (like kmod-pppoe)

  • Fix race conditions breaking parallel build occasionally

  • A broken network configuration would be generated when an older Gluon version was updated to 2015.1 with mesh_on_lan enabled in site.conf

  • Minor announced/alfred JSON format fixes (don’t output empty lists where empty objects would be expected)