Gluon 2014.3.1

This is a bugfix release.


  • gluon-announced zombie process bug

    gluon-announced was creating zombie processes when answering requests, causing issues with the new status page which is currently in development.

  • fastd peers removed from site.conf weren’t removed correctly from the fastd configuration on firmware upgrades

  • Expert Mode: setting a password will not remove SSH keys anymore

  • alfred has been updated to 2014.3.0

    We hope this solves the alfred stability issues noted by several people.

  • gluon-ebtables-filter-ra-dhcp and gluon-ebtables-filter-multicast have been fixed to allow DHCPv6 to work

  • Another ath9k patch has been added, which might further improve WLAN stability and performance

New features

  • Support for static WAN setups instead of (DHCP/Router Advertisement) has been added; configuration is possible on the port config page of the Expert Mode.

Site changes

  • site.conf

    • The new boolean option fastd_mesh_vpn.enabled allows enabling the mesh VPN by default. This value is optional; if it isn’t specified, the mesh VPN will be disabled.