Gluon 2019.1.3


  • Fixes a bug in the tunneldigger watchdog where the watchdog would incorrectly find itself while looking up the running tunneldigger process. It then went on and assumed a PID mismatch between the tunneldigger service and its PID file and therefore caused an unnecessary restart of the tunnel. (#1952)

  • Fixes an oversight in the firewalling of the respondd service where queries from prefix listed in extra_prefixes6 would be dropped. (#1941)

  • Fixes a bug in gluon-web where forms would not correctly update their field visibility on reset. This affected, for example, the private wifi page in the config mode. (#1970)

  • Fixes RX buffer sizing in the ath10k driver to allow for frames larger than 1528 Bytes. (#1992)

  • Fixed handling of mesh interfaces together with outdoor mode, site.conf defaults and config mode (#2049) (#2054)

  • Fixes a bug with perl when building Gluon v2019.1.x with GCC10

  • Fixes a buffer leak in fastd when receiving invalid packets

Other Changes

  • Linux kernel has been updated to either

    • 4.9.237 (ar71xx, brcm2708, mpc85xx) or

    • 4.14.199 (ipq40xx, ipq806x, mvebu, ramips, sunxi, x86).

  • Backports of batman-adv bugfixes

Known issues

  • Out of memory situations with high client count on ath9k. (#1768)

  • The integration of the BATMAN_V routing algorithm is incomplete.

    • Mesh neighbors don’t appear on the status page. (#1726)

      Many tools have the BATMAN_IV metric hardcoded, these need to be updated to account for the new throughput metric.

    • Throughput values are not correctly acquired for different interface types. (#1728)

      This affects virtual interface types like bridges and VXLAN.

  • Default TX power on many Ubiquiti devices is too high, correct offsets are unknown (#94)

    Reducing the TX power in the Advanced Settings is recommended.

  • The MAC address of the WAN interface is modified even when Mesh-on-WAN is disabled (#496)

    This may lead to issues in environments where a fixed MAC address is expected (like VMware when promiscuous mode is disallowed).

  • Inconsistent respondd API (#522)

    The current API is inconsistent and will be replaced eventually. The old API will still be supported for a while.

  • Frequent reboots due to out-of-memory or high load due to memory pressure on weak hardware especially in larger meshes (#1243)

    Optimizations in Gluon 2018.1 have significantly improved memory usage. There are still known bugs leading to unreasonably high load that we hope to solve in future releases.